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Cheung Kei Group’s 2018 Spring Festival Gala, “Gather Strength to Soar and Hand in Hand for Win-Win Results”, held successfully


On February 10, 2018, Cheung Kei Group’s 2018 Spring Festival Gala, with the theme of “Gather Strength to Soar and Hand in Hand for Win-Win Results, was held in the banquet hall of the InterContinental Hotel in Shenzhen. A total of more than 700 people, such as Cheung Kei Group's Chairman Dr. Chen Hongtian, Executive Vice President Chen Xiaoxia, Vice President Chen Pengyu, employee representatives of the Group’s Shenzhen Headquarters, Hong Kong Headquarters, Zhuhai Company, Heyuan Company, Shanghai Company and Property Management Company, guests from home and abroad and partners from all walks of life gathered together for this great celebration.

Chairman Dr. Chen Hongtian presents New Year greetings

All nature come to life to bring vitality and all birds sing to bring good fortune. A large dance performance called "Birds Paying Homage to the Phoenix" opened the Spring Festival Gala. Han Song, the famous host of Shenzhen Radio and Television Group, and Tong Xiaomin from the Group's Funds Management Center, dressed up and hosted the party. Vice President Chen Pengyu first delivered a welcome speech to guests, partners and employees in Chinese and English. Then Chairman Dr. Chen Hongtian gave New Year greetings and presented a toast. He appreciated the guests and partners for their trust and support, thanked the staff for their hard work and gave his best wishes. All participants wished Cheung Kei Group a more brilliant future in 2018.

Executive Vice President Chen Xiaoxia wins the Best Manager Award

Cheung Kei Group specially arranged a live webcast for this Spring Festival Gala. This not only allowed the guests to get engaged in the live broadcast, but also enabled friends and family to watch the party via WeChat.

The bright hall was full of distinguished guests. They enjoyed a great feast while the New Year Celebration video of the employees and the Group publicity film were being displayed. The party officially began. The human-screen interactive performance called "Intelligence Leads the Future" that perfectly integrated humans with science and technology showed audience that Cheung Kei Group continues to leap forward to the future, which means that the Group continues to explore and seek development and innovation. This party included three chapters which were "Dream Fly", "Work Hand in Hand" and "Celebrate the New Year Together”. The associates of the Group's headquarters and subsidiaries showed the versatility and vitality of the Cheung Kei people. They well prepared various kinds of programs such as singing, dancing, catwalks, sitcoms, etc., and showed their talents on the stage. Their charm was released at that moment and won the recognition and admiration of all the guests at the party.

Vice President Chen Pengyu delivers a welcome speech

Famous Shenzhen Satellite TV host Han Song invited to host the party

The sitcom called "The Future of Cheung Kei is Not a Dream" featured inheritance and innovation, showing Cheung Kei employees' down-to-earth work attitude and pursuit of dreams. The catwalk show called "Beautiful Times" boasted a unique style and artistic beauty. The acrobatic program called "Swaying" showed well-trained skilled performers and was a wonderful show. The tap dance called "Unity Makes Strength" was full of passion, showing the tremendous momentum and courage of Cheung Kei Group. The magic performance called "Celebrate the New Year Together" showed novel and amazing tricks. The song and dance show called "Adhere to Our Ideals" performed a beautiful melody and touched all the audience.

"Birds Paying Homage to the Phoenix”

            “The Future of Cheung Kei is Not a Dream”                    "Beautiful Times"

At the party, the 2017 Cheung Kei events highlighted the fruitful results in investment, M&A and charity work. In 2017, under the leadership of Chairman Dr. Chen Hongtian, Cheung Kei Group continued to promote its five strategic investments valued at over RMB10 billion and also made new globalization achievements. The Group acquired two landmark buildings, 20 Canada Square and 5 Churchill Place, on London's Canary Wharf, becoming one of the largest investors in London's Canary Wharf. Moreover, Cheung Kei Group has been also pushing ahead with its many high-quality investment projects at home and abroad in an orderly manner. The acquisition team of members from the Investment Development Center and the Funds Management Center showed their professionalism and competence of efficiency, pragmatism and collaboration in international investment negotiations.

                                      “Swaying”                                           "Unity Makes Strength"

                   “Celebrate the New Year Together"                       "Adhere to Our Ideal"

Cheung Kei Group has a brilliant corporate culture. Moreover, it is an enterprise full of love. Over the years, while pursuing steady development, Cheung Kei Group has also attached great importance to the fulfillment of its social responsibilities. It has devoted itself to public welfare undertakings. It feels grateful to the society and supports good causes so as to give back to the society. It has donated more than HKD300 million to all kinds of charities and progressive groups. In 2017 alone, Cheung Kei Group, as always, donated over HKD60 million to social commitment and progressive groups.

The Funds Management Center wins the Outstanding Team Award

The HR Administration Center wins the Outstanding Team Award

The Operations Management Center wins the Best Team Award

25 employees win the Outstanding Employee Award

In the presence of guests and partners, the participants walked into the hall of honor that belonged to the Cheung Kei people and shared their honor and joy. The Outstanding Team Award, the Best Team Award, the Outstanding Employee Award, the Best Employee Award, the Outstanding Manager Award, the Best Manager Award and the Ten-Year Contribution Award were presented in the awarding session to excellent employees. All trophies and certificates of award were presented by Chairman Dr. Chen Hongtian and he also took photos with the winners one by one.

Li Xiaofei wins the Best Employee Award

Li Wenjie wins the Outstanding Manager Award

Four employees win the Ten-Year Contribution Award

In order to thank employees for their hard work and appreciate guests and partners for their long-term support for the Group, the party also specially prepared a lucky drawing session, including hundreds of thousands of cash, Rolex watches and latest mobile phones sponsored by special guests. The drawing of grand prizes, first prizes, second prizes, third prizes and special prizes was in full swing and the atmosphere reached a climax.

Vice President Chen Pengyu takes a group photo with the first prize winners

Executive Vice President Chen Xiaoxia takes a group photo with the first prize winners

Chairman Dr. Chen Hongtian draws the Grand Prize

The party also invited excellent singers to perform. Mr. Liu Anlin, a partner of Cheung Kei Group and President of China Life Insurance (Overseas), has a high-pitched singing voice and sang the difficult "Qinghai-Tibet Plateau" song. Mr. Zhang Mingmin, a famous Hong Kong singer and a partner of Cheung Kei Group, provided wonderful performance with his son Mr. Zhang Songhua. They sang "My Chinese Heart" together and received applause from the audience. Then Mr. Zhang Mingmin specially invited Chairman Dr. Chen Hongtian and President Liu Anlin to sing the "Walking on the Ridge" song, becoming the most eye-catching show at that night and bringing the atmosphere to a climax.

Chairman Dr. Chen Hongtian sang the "Walking on the Ridge" song together with the famous singer Mr. Zhang Mingmin and China Life Insurance (Overseas) President Mr. Liu Anlin

Looking ahead to 2018, under the leadership of Chairman Dr. Chen Hongtian, the Cheung Kei people are full of confidence. Everyone will make joint efforts and work hard to march towards higher goals and make new achievements.

Founded in 1990, Cheung Kei Group is headquartered in Hong Kong and Shenzhen. It boasts a long-term and steady increase in diversified assets as a leading international group of value investment and business culture. The Group focuses on quality operational properties in core urban economic circles around the world as well as investment and M&A of quality corporate equity and financial assets in the capital market, thus forming a dual-wheel driving mode based on investment and operation. Up to now, the Group has penetrated the whole world, including Hong Kong, Shenzhen, London, Shanghai and other core cities, as well as major cities in Europe and Southeast Asia, with wholly owned millions of square meters of land, office buildings, star hotels, commercial and mining properties and other quality assets. The Group also holds large-portion equity from various prominent enterprises of capital market, and huge-amount financial assets such as fund, bond and stock.