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Cheung Kei Center in Shenzhen

Project Introduction

In August 2015, Cheung Kei Group acquired Jinhu Cultural Center, a landmark building in Yinhu, all at once, planned to include it into the urban renewal program and rebuilt it into a landmark building, “Cheung Kei Center”.

Cheung Kei Center is located in the traditional villa area of Yinhu region on Shenzhen's main road, Beihuan Boulevard. It is 260 meters high and has a total construction area of about 120,000 square meters. Once completed, it will be an iconic architecture in Luohu District. This project, built according to the international class A standards, will become a high-end landmark business complex providing distinctive business service, creative exhibition service and headquarters office service. As the only class A office building in this region, it will become a new headquarters of Cheung Kei Group after the completion.