Shenzhen Cheung Kei Building

Prime golden business icon of Shenzhen Binhe Boulevard
Owned by Cheung Kei Group

Located at the southwest side of the interchange of Binhe Boulevard and Xinzhou Overpass in the central area of Futian District, the 33-storey building covers a total construction area of about 35,000 square meters, and serves as headquarters of the Group in Shenzhen. Facing Shenzhen Golf Green in the north and Mangrove Wetlands and Shenzhen Bay in the south, and depending on the front-line view on Binhe Boulevard and the golden facade, it is known as the "golden landmark" on the Binhe Boulevard.

Positioning of the project is to serve as an absolute office building integrating headquarters, supporting commerce and comprehensive services. The 14.7m double lobby design and luxury decoration is a vivid reflection of success. The free space combination and over 70% of utility rate produces a more comfortable business experience.