Zhuhai Cheung Kei Hotel

Luxurious and elegant symbol of Jinwan, Zhuhai
Developed and owned by Cheung Kei Group

Zhuhai Cheung Kei Hotel is a five-star hotel invested by Cheung Kei Group. It lies in the intersection of Airport East Road and Zhuhai Avenue in Jinwan District of Zhuhai. Facing the beautiful Niwan River to the east, overlooking Baiteng Hill to the northwest, the building is endowed with abundant landscape resources.

Taking up a total construction area of about 50,000 square meters, the 15-storey building includes two underground floors, three podium floors and 10 floors of the main building. The facilities include business center, multi-functional conference hall, luxurious Chinese restaurant, European-style restaurant, KTV, casual bar, luxurious swimming pool, and so on.

The hotel is built according to the international five-star standard and architectural design mainly follows the classic style in Europe. The building is made of steel and concrete and the facade is all stone. The overall style is luxurious and refined and the building is one of Zhuhai's most luxurious and elegant buildings.