Cheung Kei Group's 2018 Semi-Annual Conference Held Successfully

On August 10th, 2018, the Cheung Kei Group held its semi-annual conference in Shenzhen's Wuzhou Guesthouse. Cheung Kei Group Chairman Dr. Chen Hongtian, Executive Vice President Chen Xiaoxia, and other management staff were in attendance, along with all staff from the headquarters in Shenzhen, management from its subsidiaries and other staff representatives.

Dr. Chen Hongtian delivers the conference's keynote address

Director of the Chairman's Office Yang Zhenning chaired the meeting. Management from the group's headquarters in Shenzhen and their subsidiaries reported on the work that had been completed in the first half year and key plans for the second half year.

The conference in progress

Chairman of the Cheung Kei Group, Dr. Chen Hongtian, gave a keynote address in which he summarized and commented on work that has been completed in the first half year and made proposals on how to improve some existing problems: He said that many achievements have been made, especially regarding standardized management. The company has done well to successfully achieve strategic transformation in a timely and proper manner. However, there is still much improvement to be made on a basic management level. All staff need to heighten their awareness when it comes to adhering to company policies, upholding professional ethics, exerting positive energy, having a greater senseof responsibility, focusing at work and playing a more active role in the group's management team. The group will continue to create a stable platform for all, that offers more job opportunities and a better working environment. We will take responsibility for those who are willing to take on more responsibility, back up those who stand by their principles, ensure that those who focus on their work are well taken care of and will support workers and enterprises that keep working to progress and realize their potential.

Executive Vice President Chen Xiaoxia addressing the conference

During her address, Executive Vice President Chen Xiaoxia analyzed several problems that exist within Cheung Kei's centers and subsidiaries, then pointed out how th eycan be rectified. She said that all management need to improve in the matters of communication and coordinating skills, problem-solving, establishing a sense of shared ownership, utilizing one's own expertise to improve work processes, and basic management skills. All employees need to develop a strong sense of responsibility, overhaul their working style, stop shifting the blame, become initiative takers, improve planning skills, complete tasks efficiently, develop competence through practice, improve abilities and personal qualities, and demonstrate their worth.

Staff representatives attend the conference

The conference lasted two hours and all representatives of the centers and subsidiaries left determined to study and understand the speeches given by Group Chairman Dr Chen Hongtian and Executive Vice President Chen Xiaoxia, to follow company policies, strengthen basic management skills, improve the atmosphere at work, work hard to become more competent, have a greater sense of responsibly toward the enterprise and its mission, to exertpositive energy, and to give their all to the company's goals for the second half of the year.