Officials from the United Kingdom's Department for International Trade Visit Cheung Kei Group

On August 21st, 2018, Director General for Investment at the Department for International Trade, Mark Slaughter, visited Cheung Kei Group and met with Cheung Kei Vice President Chen Pengyu. They had an in-depth discussion on the United Kingdom's current financial and investment environment, tax policies and its investment cooperation program. Attendees included: Cheung Kei's Assistant President Cheng Bo; Capital Management Center Director Wan Ping; Director of Infrastructure Gan Lu; Director of Creative Industries and Sports in China Bi Wei; Chief Business Consul for Southern China Stephen Mujal; Senior Assistant Director of Global Investment Chen Zhuoyin; Director of Infrastructure and Environment Wu Wenhui; Senior trade and investment official Ma Chongwen, and representatives of Cheung Kei Group's Investment Development Center and Fund Management Center.

Talks taking place between the two parties

Last year the group entered the British market with the requisition of two major commercial landmarks in London's Canary Wharf: 20 Canada Square and 5 Churchill Place. These purchases have laid a good foundation for further investment in the UK market. Cheung Kei Group seeks to improve its communication channels and exchanges of information with the United Kingdom's Department for International Trade and hopes there will be more room for cooperation and for development opportunities in the UK market in the future. He also expressed his views on UK tax policies, the investment and financial environment and market prospects. Director Mark Slaughter's team then responded to these comments.

Vice President Chen Pengyu with Director Mark Slaughter

Director Mark Slaughter expressed his admiration for Cheung Kei Group's achievements and said the he looked forward to their future development. He said that the United Kingdom's Department for International Trade can act as a bridge between Cheung Kei and the British market by offering advice and policy guidance, and by providing professional services and assistance. The department will actively support Cheung Kei Group as its cooperation with Britain deepens and grows. The goal is to achieve mutual benefit and a win-win situation that enables both parties to develop alongside one another.

Group photograph