Dr. Chen Hongtian attended the Hong Kong Poverty Alleviation Association's Mid-Autumn Festival Event

A special buffet arranged by the Hong Kong Poverty Alleviation Association and sponsored by the Hong Kong Volunteers Federation was held recently at the Royal Plaza Hotel in Hong Kong. Attendees included members of the CPPCC and Hong Kong's Justice of the Peace, the Hong Kong Poverty Alleviation Association's Deputy Supervisor, the Vice President of the Hong Kong Volunteers Federation, Chairman of the Cheung Kei Group Dr. Chen Hongtian, Chairman of the Hong Kong Foundation for Poverty Alleviation Cai Jiazan, and TV presenter Bob Lam. They celebrated the Mid-Autumn Festival along with 250 members of underprivileged families in Hong Kong.

Dr. Chen Hongtian and a group of children attending the event

Dr. Chen Hongtian holds prominent positions in many large organizations and associations that actively promote the alleviation of poverty and focus on public welfare activities in the Mainland and Hong Kong. The organizations include: The Harmony Club, the Hong Kong Poverty Alleviation Association, the Hong Kong Volunteers Federation, the Full Caring Foundation, the Hong Kong Environmental Protection Practitioners Association, the Federation of Hong Kong Community Organizations, the Hong Kong Federation of Overseas Chinese Associations and the Hong Kong General Chamber of Commerce and Industry. At his event Dr. Chen Hongtian gave out moon cakes and other gifts to families in attendance and offered holiday greetings to them. He said that the Hong Kong Poverty Alleviation Association had organized the event to provide a free buffet for everybody. He expressed his wish that all the families would be able to take time away from their busy working lives to have a happy time with their families which will create beautiful memories.

President of the association Cai Jiazan said that most Hong Kongers are too busy with work to spend time with their families and said that while the material needs of local families and children at the grass-roots level was his focus, he hopes there will be more opportunities for leisure activities that focus on bringing families together.

Established in June 2018, the Hong Kong Poverty Alleviation Association is the first NGO in Hong Kong to work actively on the front line of poverty alleviation in Hong Kong and the Mainland. While working on poverty alleviation projects in the Mainland, the association also looks after the underprivileged and vulnerable in Hong Kong.