“Aspirations are fulfilled and dreams come to life” - Cheung Kei Group's 2018 Management Trainee's Graduation Ceremony was a big success

The 2018 graduation ceremony for the Cheung Kei Group's 2018 management trainees was held in the Cheung Kei Building. Members of senior management including Executive Vice President Chen Xiaoxia were in attendance, as well as management from various centers and 19 management trainees and staff representatives. President Yang Zhenning chaired the ceremony.

Trainees present their closing reports

In September 2017, the Human Resources Administration Center launched the 2018 Campus Recruitment Project for Management and Training Students. This is to ensure that a competitive reserve pool of outstanding talent is being well trained in a systematic manner and that sufficient personnel are available to carry out the groups' long-term strategies. Outstanding trainees were selected from 19 key universities in Beijing, Changsha, Wuhan, Guangzhou, Hong Kong and further afield.

To help trainees familiarize themselves with their new workplace and to make the transition from the campus to the workplace as smooth and as fast as possible, Cheung Kei officially launched the 2018 training program in July. The trainees then took part in a three-month induction and job-rotation program. Trainees received one-on-one training from tutors based in each of the group's centers, attended informative training courses and had the chance to put their training to use in real work situations. This enabled them to become systematically aquatinted with the group and its work processes, to improve their creative thinking, their team work and communication skills, and learn how to implement their knowledge and skills effectively.

The closing ceremony was divided into two parts: Trainee Reports and a Message from Leadership. In the first part, trainees took turns making summaries and giving reports regarding their induction training and job-rotation program. Each trainee had prepared exquisite, detailed PowerPoint presentations outlining their learning achievements, experiences and future plans. The confidence, poise and clarity evident in their presentations showed that the training has enabled them to adapt quickly to their new roles and their desire to use the platform Cheung Kei has given them to keep on developing and growing until they reach their dreams. The reports were graded by the management staff in attendance and make up an important part of the rotational training process. They are also used as part of the basis for the appointment of job roles.

Executive Vice President Chen Xiaoxia addressing the trainees

Following this, Miss Chen Xiaoxia, the group's executive vice president, addressed the trainees. She started by welcoming and congratulating the nineteen outstanding trainees who had joined the Cheung Kei Group and were now graduating from the systematic training program. She explained that whether talking about corporate power, strategic arrangements, overall resources or development potential, Cheung Kei Group offers an outstanding platform for growth. Working hard for Cheung Kei is well worth the effort as we can develop alongside one another. The Group pays close attention to the development of each of its employees and provides many opportunities to progress. She went on to offer some pertinent suggestions based on her own experience: Firstly, new employees need to choose their career goals carefully. Once these are clear in mind, they should fight against distracting thoughts or negative external influences and should keep their initial goals close to their hearts as they work toward them step by step. Secondly, new employees need to constantly work both to settle down and to accumulate experience. Rather than getting bogged down by unimportant matters, they should keep learning, think things through carefully, be detail-oriented, master a variety of skills and raise both their overall quality of character and abilities. Lastly, they need to be loyal to the company, to have a sense of shared ownership and responsibility, to move in tandem with the group and to become an essential, valued employee.

Attendees paying rapt attention

She also expressed her desire for each member of staff to interact well with their employer. This is because the relationship between a company and its employees are based on interaction. All trainees are a vital part of Cheung Kei Group's talent pool and it is hoped that they will make steady progress. Through our concerted efforts to make the Cheung Kei brand bigger and strong, both our personal goals and that of the group can be realised.

The closing ceremony was not an ending but rather a new beginning. As the ceremony came to an end, all in attendance stood to celebrate the successful conclusion of Cheung Kei Group's 2018 Rotational Training Program and wished each trainee every success as they start a new chapter in their lives at Cheung Kei.