"Cheung Kei in the Warmth of Spring, A Family Feast to Welcome the New Year": Cheung Kei Group's 2019 Annual Gala Dinner

As the year of the Dog makes way for the year of the Pig, the 2019 gala dinner for the Cheung Kei Group titled "Cheung Kei in the Warmth of Spring, A Family Feast to Welcome the New Year" was held at the Zhuhai Cheung Kei Hotel on January 26, 2019. The annual gala dinner was conducted in the form of a family feast, and was graced by the presence of Dr. Chen Hongtian, a CPPCC National Committee member, a Justice of the Peace appointed by the Hong Kong SAR, and Chairman of the Cheung Kei Group; Chen Pengyu, Vice President of the Group, as well as employees from the Hong Kong headquarters, the Shenzhen headquarters, the Zhuhai branch and staff from the property management company. All employees from the Cheung Kei family were gathered under one roof to celebrate the Chinese New Year, and to share and look back upon the moments of joy and harmony in the company's development and progress in the past year.

Vice President Chen Pengyu's giving a New Year Address and making a toast

The gala's dinner banquet officially started amidst the melodious singing of the "Beautiful Chinese New Year" song. Vice President Chen Pengyu was the first to take the stage for the evening, and he gave a New Year Address and made a toast to all the employees of the group as an appreciation for their hard work and cooperation in 2018. He then encouraged everyone to stay united, uphold integrity, to strive hard in the New Year, to accomplish even greater heights, and then he gave his sincere blessings to all the attendees for the coming New Year.

Employees from the Hong Kong headquarters wishing Dr. Chen Hongtian a wonderful Chinese New Year

After the dinner banquet, the gala proceeded into the performance and games segment. The performances choreographed and designed by the employees were met with warm applause and praises from their superiors and fellow employees. The host had also shared with the audience the value investing, philanthropic involvements, employee welfare and other aspects of the group's corporate culture, which in turn deepens the employees' understanding of the business and the grasp of the essence of the corporate culture.

Employees performing the dance "Picking Flowers"

Singing the "Loving the Family" track, infusing a familiar sense of warmth to keep the Family House Banquet" warm.

Group photo of performers of the evening.

This heartwarming family feast harbors the steadfast spirit of Cheung Kei family, and represents the friendship between the group's senior management and employees, as everyone has gathered under a roof to look back and reflect, show gratitude with each other, and discuss their common New Year visions together. The gala dinner concluded amidst the lively atmosphere of banter and laughter.

As we move forward in 2019, all employees of the Cheung Kei Group shall exude much more confidence, continue to be united as one, as we work together diligently in building a better future for the Cheung Kei Group.