Dr. Chen Hongtian and other Shenzhen & Hong Kong business leaders meet with Zhu Jiusheng, President of China Vanke

On March 19, 2019, Dr. Chen Hongtian, a CPPCC National Committee member, a Justice of the Peace appointed by the Hong Kong SAR, and Chairman of the Cheung Kei Group and fellow business leaders from Shenzhen and Hong Kong had visited China Vanke's headquarters, at the invitation of Zhu Jiusheng, China Vanke's President and CEO.

Taking a group photo to mark the occasion

Dr. Chen Hongtian addressed the attendees by recounting a speech delivered by President Xi Jinping at a symposium on private enterprises in Beijing in November last year, emphasizing the government's policy of encouraging, supporting and guiding the private economy will not change, and that the authorities will support the development of the private sector to reach greater heights. China Vanke is one of the best real estate developers in China, and its friendly exchanges with business leaders from Shenzhen and Hong Kong is a testament to Shenzhen's private enterprises' confidence in development. Enterprises from the private sector have the ability and duty to shoulder a greater sense of mission and social responsibility, to create even more social value.

Zhu Jiusheng had expressed that those in attendance are all remarkable entrepreneurs in their respective industries, running enterprises that are the benchmark of their fields, and their tremendous contributions to society are recognized. He hopes that China Vanke will continue to collaborate with the business leaders and their corporations, and to prosper together through such meaningful partnerships, to make further contributions to economic growth and impact other socio-economic objectives.