We recently received reports that someone purporting to work for Cheung Kei has tried to trick job seekers into paying deposits and training fees. In order to prevent job-seekers from being deceived and to protect their interests, we hereby make the following announcement regarding our recruitment process.

1. Our company has always conducted a rigorous recruitment process according to the relevant provisions of the state laws and regulations. Recruitment information is only published on the company's official website and on formal recruitment agency websites such as“Liepin”, “51job” and “Zhaopin”.

2. Our company does not hire agencies or recruiters other than those (which include phone numbers) listed in the employment information section during the recruitment process. Our company will not recruit under the name "xx Industrial Park", "xx New District" and "xx Engineering Department/ Project Department".

3. We have operations in London, Hong Kong,Shenzhen, Shanghai, Foshan and Zhuhai, but not in Shaoguan and we are not currently recruiting there.

4. Staff recruited by our department do not have to pay any deposit or fees, and do not have to pay for training. Successful candidates will go through formal entry procedures.

5. Our company reserves the right to take legal action against any website, individual or organization that uses false employment information in the name of our company.

6. We are not responsible for the losses of those who have been deceived by false information and who have participated in recruitment activities that we have not organized.

7. Please be vigilant when applying for an advertised position. To verify the relevant recruitment information, call (+86) 755 8352 1888.

We wish to express our gratitude to job seekers and people from all walks of life for the support and interest shown in our work.